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Published 9th May 2017 by Nic Popham, Cruickshank Pryde

Many episodes of Neighbours at War told of disputes regarding shared driveways. Whether you currently own a property or you’re in the market to buy a property with a shared driveway, it pays to know your rights and obligations.

Published 27th January 2017 by Richard Hearn, Corcoran French

The recent Kaikoura earthquake was yet another reminder of the volatile and unpredictable nature of the land on which we all live.

Published 9th December 2016 by Sarah Heald, Dorrington Poole

The recent earthquakes have created additional issues if you’re buying and/or selling property.

Published 4th November 2016 by Nic Popham, Cruickshank Pryde

Make sure you have a Will and EPAs

Published 4th November 2016 by Pat Stuart, Rejthar Stuart Law

Always wait to get legal advice

Published 4th November 2016 by Scott Chamberlain, RMY Legal

Following on from the last edition’s article on P-contamination in residential property, we take the opportunity to focus on this issue from a seller’s perspective.

Published 4th November 2016 by Scott Chamberlain, RMY Legal

A shortage of property for sale has resulted in the rising trend of properties only being available to purchase through a multi-offer situation.

Published 4th November 2016 by Scott Chamberlain, RMY Legal

Prior to the Property Law Act 2007 coming into force, commercial landlords could seize a tenant’s property to recover unpaid rent. This is no longer an option.

Published 4th August 2016 by Nic Popham, Cruickshank Pryde

The government announced on 31 July changes to Housing New Zealand’s KiwiSaver HomeStart scheme to help more first home buyers into the property market. These changes are effective from 1 August.

Published 1st August 2016 by Rebecca Dooley, RSM Law

Every day more Kiwis are learning that they have been living in methamphetamine (P)-contaminated properties. Discovering you have purchased a contaminated property can be financially, mentally and physically devastating for...