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Published 11th March 2016 by Sarah Heald, Dorrington Poole

Since 1 October 2015 transferors and transferees of property have been required to complete a Land Transfer Tax Statement in order to complete settlement.

Published 11th December 2015 by Neil Dent, Gifford Devine

Forgetting the details can have significant consequences

Published 11th December 2015 by Neil Dent, Gifford Devine

Which is the better option in a farming situation?

Published 3rd December 2015 by John Sheddan, Bannermans

When you are selling, buying or leasing a rural property one of the things that you should take time to consider is what grass or supplements will be available for...

Published 4th November 2015 by Catherine Donaldson, Wilkinson Rodgers Lawyers

Conditional property agreements can turn around to bite you …

Published 4th November 2015 by Barbara McDermott, Norris Ward McKinnon

It’s surprising that when selling property, the seller often pays little attention to the terms of the real estate agent’s listing agreement – particularly when there may a substantial sum...

Published 28th October 2015 by Nic Popham, Cruickshank Pryde

In our Winter edition (page 4) we noted the government’s proposed property taxation changes and ‘bright-line’ test.

Published 8th September 2015 by Richard Rodden, Lowndes Jordan

Canterbury’s red-zoned homeowners have recently received a boost following a Supreme Court decision[¹]. In Southern Response Earthquake Services Limited v Avonside Holdings Limited, Avonside’s property was damaged beyond economic repair...

Published 8th September 2015 by Hamish Davies, Corcoran French

Make sure you have a well thought-out policy

Published 12th August 2015 by Anna Worsley, Norris Ward McKinnon

Buying property? Look a little deeper …